Material and Care

Merino Wool
All of our products are knitted with the finest Italian Merino Wool. Merino Wool has plenty of great benefits. It is a breathable material with natural antibacterial properties which counteracts moisture and odors. Merino is finer than most sheeps wool, which gives it a very soft feel and makes it very comfortable for wear without the itchiness, which is often associated with wool products.

Merino Wool is easier to wash than you might think. We recommend that you hand-wash your knitted fabrics delicately in 30° water with mild soup. Please avoid the use of fabric softeners because these will coat the merino fibres limiting the wool’s natural ability to actively managing your moisture and body temperature. Softeners can also encourage bobbling by helping the fibres move to the surface easier. Don’t wring out the garment as this will stretch the wool.

Dry your freshly washed garment by smoothing it back into shape and placing it on a flat surface. Allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat, such as radiators or sunlight, and do not tumble dry. Merino garments can be heavy when wet, so drying on a line or hanger can stretch the garment and cause it to lose its shape. If you want to iron your textile, please use a soft steam.

Although our knitted Jacquards hardly pill, after a longer period of use you may find small balls of fibre or ‘pills’ forming on the surface. These pills are the result of loose fibres tangling together as areas of your textile rub during use. You can gently remove them by hand.

Material Blend
In some of our products we complement the properties of the fluffy merino wool with a high quality shiny viscose yarn, creating an exciting contrast of textures. The natural properties of the wool are not limited and the care properties remain the same. For products with hairy viscose yarn, we recommend iron the knitted fabric with steam from time to time. This way the fluffy shimmer and the contrast of the textures is preserved for a long time.