cs /Embrace, 2021

The project by design researcher Silke Hofmann explores new forms of bra alternatives for people affected by breast cancer – who may have differently sized breasts, be single-breasted or flat following mastectomy surgery. The aim is to find new aesthetic and ergonomic bra solutions for the very specific needs of each individual. The wearers are able to personalize their ideal bra by selecting from various strap types, necklines, and top lengths.

We developed a 3D-knitted bra prototype for our model, Victoria, who served as the inspiration for this project. This prototype features cups of different sizes, providing a customizable fit to meet Victoria’s unique requirements. Crafted from a luxurious blend of soft merino silk known for its skin-friendly characteristics, the garment ensures comfort and support.

Furthermore, the Designlab Wint introduced a supportive tessellation that was strategically printed on the most stressed areas of the bra to provide additional support for the breasts.

Photography: Arnaud Ele x Laura Knoops