cs /Trippen, 2020

In our first cooperation with Trippen we developed a collection of 3D knitted sockboots.The shape of the knitted upper adapts perfectly to the foot and forms, together with the sporty “Swan” sole, a very comfortable shoe. The jacquard knit is made of almost 100% Viscose. The breathable properties of the material ensure a good foot climate even at high temperatures. The clear, reduced form allows the vibrating color gradients to develop seamlessly over the entire foot. In a second round we added a sandal model to the product group.

Shoot 3D Knitted Shoes Trippen Starry 2
Shoot Knitted Sandals Trippen Starry
Shoot Knitted Sandals Trippen Papaya
Shoot 3D Knitted Sparkle Trippen Papaya
Shoot 3D Knitted Shoes Spexx Trippen Soda
Shoot Knitted Shoe Trippen Foxy
Shoot 3D Knitted Sparkle Trippen Foxy